Here are the steps to Disable Google Photos Backup and Sync Across All Devices while still Keeping the Backup: To Delete Local Photos and Videos on Android: Make sure your photos and videos have been backed up. Open "Google Photos" app on your Android phone. Tap "Menu" icon located at the top left corner on the screen. Select "Device folder

To Uninstall Google Photos Backup: If you don't want to use Google Photo Backup (sometimes called "Google Photos Auto Backup" and "Desktop Uploader"), uninstall it as follows: Click the Start button; Click "Control Panel" Find and select "Programs" and/or "Programs and Features" Find and select "Google Photos Backup" in the list of installed How to Disable Auto Backup of Photos & Videos in Google Google Plus Photos is an amazing way to backup all your photos straight from your Android smartphone / tablet, but just in case if you are worried about the privacy or for say if you don’t want to create the backup of photos, then we will help you disable the same. Unfortunately, while setting up Google Plus in your android smartphone, the “Auto-Backup” option of photos is selected by How to turn off Auto Back Up for Google Photos from Feb 25, 2018 Easiest: How to Delete Duplicate Photos in Google Photos? Feb 19, 2020

That’s it. From App settings > Back up & sync. Disable it for auto backup stop; Manage Device storage option for this app is really awesome, it will delete all photo and videos from device those uploaded into google photo account. It will release a big space by Free up space. Move iCloud photo to Google Photo

Jul 11, 2018 Even If You Uninstall Google Photos, It Will Keep Jul 13, 2015

Even If You Uninstall Google Photos, It Will Keep

Open Google's official "Photos" app on your Android phone. Tap the "Settings" menu icon. Select "Settings" option. Find the "Auto Backup" section. Tap "Back Up Local Folders" option to stop sending your photos directly to the cloud. This is how you can disable Google Drive's Photo Back Up on Android phone. How to Stop Google Photos to Backup Your Pictures on