The Windows Network and Internet Troubleshooter tests the network for problems and attempts automatic repairs for any issues found. Use this Windows tool to test and repair the connection. In Windows, right-click the network connection icon in the system tray, and then select Troubleshoot problems .

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For troubleshooting information on dialup links or WAN connections, consult the chapters in Part IV, "Troubleshooting Serial Lines and WAN Connections." Even though it may seem logical to first troubleshoot at the physical layer, problems can generally be found more quickly by first troubleshooting at Layer 3 and then working backward when a

How to Troubleshoot Windows 7 Internet Connection Issues Choose Troubleshoot My Connection to the Internet. The other option, Help Me Connect to a Specific web Page, is useful for when you have trouble accessing a web page. Continue to heed the directions and advice given by the troubleshooter. Click the Close button when you’re done. Troubleshoot a dead Internet connection | PCWorld

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