Source NBTSTAT.exe - Display protocol statistics and current TCP/IP connections using NBT (NetBIOS over TCP/IP) Further reading An A-Z Index of the Windows CMD command line is an excellent reference for all things Windows cmd line related.

Finding your domains' DNS and NetBIOS names | Lansweeper Your domain's NetBIOS name is the pre-Windows 2000 entry in the same tab. Domain NetBIOS names generally do *not* contain a period. Related Articles. Ports scanned or used by Lansweeper . Below is an overview of ports scanned by Lansweeper on client machines and ports used for internal communication between Lansweeper. Configuring NetBIOS – GFI LanGuard Support From the NetBIOS setting area, ensure that Default or Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP are selected. Click OK and exit the Local Area Properties dialog(s). Note: If static IP is being used or the DHCP server does not provide the NetBIOS setting, select the Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP option. What is NetBIOS? Does Windows need its ports 137 and 138

NetBIOS is needed to join a domain and there are quite a few legacy apps that were designed around it and therefor need NetBIOS to function properly. Here is a short list taken directly from the above blog post link.

nbtstat is a Windows-only command that can help solve problems with NetBIOS name resolution. (nbt stands for NetBIOS over TCP/IP.) You can use any of the switches to specify what nbtstat output you want to display. For example, you can use an -a switch to display the cached name table for a specified computer, like … NETBIOS is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms. NETBIOS - What does NETBIOS stand for? The Free Since NetBIOS was the first major standard for PC networks, computers were named according to the NetBIOS format, which identifies a machine by a unique 15-character name. What is NetBIOS? Developed by IBM, later adopted by Microsoft, and now an industry standard, NetBIOS is a program used to allow applications on separate computers to communicate within a LAN. It is not routable, and on a wide area network, another transport mechanism must be used alongside, or in addition to NetBIOS (such as TCP).

Apr 19, 2018 · NetBIOS defines a software interface and a naming convention. It does not define a protocol. NetBIOS over TCP/IP provides the NetBIOS programming interface over the TCP/IP protocol. It extends the reach of NetBIOS client and server programs to the wide area network (WAN). It also provides interoperability with various other operating systems.

Mar 12, 2019 · With Ipconfig /all I found that NetBIOS over tcpip is disabled the on network adapter even if enabled in WINS properties and Regedit. Is there a way to enable it or another solution to solve my problem. Because NetBIOS name-to-address resolution services offer dynamic registration by name broadcasts, you can use NetBIOS to build a remote Domino network for temporary or emergency use. The risks of using NetBIOS involve the security of the file system on Domino servers. NetBIOS Name Server (NBNS) - a server where systems can register names, or completely manage names and addresses and example of NBNS is WINS. NetBIOS Datagram Distribution Server (NBDD) - Datagrams to be sent to individual nodes or broadcast, can be sent to the NBDD which will forward the datagram to the target node or nodes. NetBIOS was a famous protocol co-developed by IBM and Sytek for computer networking in the 80's. Microsoft's implementation of NetBIOS Over TCP/IP (NetBT) provides the NetBIOS programming interface over the TCP/IP protocol, extending the reach of NetBIOS client and server programs to TCP/IP networks and providing interoperability with other