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How Businesses Stay Safe and Secure Using Social Media To mitigate issues, properly train a very select group of people (or person) to be social media administrators. Also, outline a clear, standard operating procedure, such as this one from Intel. Social Media Security Strategies. Here is an overview of how to keep your business safe in the social media realm: Know and implement privacy settings. (PDF) Social Media & Privacy: A Facebook Case Study As the leading social media platform globally, Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University in 2004. The initial idea of Facebook was to create a student directory containing

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Sep 19, 2017

Social Networking: The Security Issue Facebook trades your security and privacy for profit, so be careful of what you post and consider who is going to have access to it. Also, change your Facebook settings in as many areas possible so that the only people who can see what you post, are your friends. Companies like Facebook allow other businesses, for the right price, to scan through your

3 Reasons | Why Social Media Privacy Issues Are Important Any Site That Doesn’t Care About Privacy Will Lose Users to a Site That Does. Just as Facebook …