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OpenVPN: src/openvpn/route.c Source File 66 static void delete_route(struct route_ipv4 *r, const struct tuntap *tt, unsigned int flags, const struct route_gateway_info *rgi, const struct env_set *es, openvpn_net_ctx_t *ctx); 67 68 static void get_bypass_addresses ( struct route_bypass *rb, const unsigned int flags ); OpenVPN: Excluding IP from VPN tunnel w/Policy Based Routing Jun 01, 2018 Split Routing with OpenVPN | Disruptive Library Technology Feb 15, 2010

Actually it looks like I have VPN through VPN (all traffic is routed there). Looks like my system has more than a single default route, and OpenVPN one is just first (and thus only one used).

route www.whatismyip.com net_gateway OR route XX.XX.XX.XX net_gateway (XX.XX.XX.XX = IP Address) Not work on Android 8. The above command works Fine on Android 6 , windows 10 windows - How access remote network with OpenVPN? - Server This setup works if the server running OpenVPN is also a router and set as the default-gateway on all the clients on the server-side subnet. In the case a dedicated router exists, add the following static routes to it (or add them on all of the clients) to reach the VPN subnet and the subnet of client1. Static server-side subnet routes:

On commenting out the following line with #, I was able to successfully import the VPN config:. #route remote_host net_gateway default Others have reported that commenting out, or removing, this line works for them as well per bug #606365 in launchpad in spite of this being a valid argument.

#1161 (--route-ipv6 does not recognize net_gateway or net push "route" push "route net_gateway" That allows VPN clients to communicate with through the secure tunnel they've established without accidentally breaking access to the VPN server itself, as VPN clients must always reach this through their default gateway "net_gateway". OpenVPN / Re: [Openvpn-users] net_gateway undefined error