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The first time you click "download" a message inviting the installation of the iPlayer code is shown. Click on "install iPlayer library": Next the usual Windows download security message is shown. Click "run" to download and install the "library": Now Internet Explorer displays a security warning which requires "Run" to be clocked once more. How to Watch BBC iPlayer With a VPN or UK Proxy | The Apr 03, 2019 Can I get a Free VPN for BBC iPlayer? You can with this hack! Jan 30, 2020 BBC iPlayer - How to Watch BBC iPlayer From Anywhere in

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Watch BBC iPlayer, 4oD and Sky Go Using a Proxy Server BBC iPlayer Beta: Everything You Need to Know; Thankfully, there is a solution at hand. Several in fact. You may have to experiment with different options -- some will work for iPlayer and 4OD, but not SkyGo, and one service that works now may stop further down the line. The most obvious option to plump for is a proxy … BBC iPlayer: how to install and use | free and easy

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Jun 26, 2020 · It doesn’t matter where you’re based, you can choose. The solution works in most scenarios so for an example – here’s how to use a proxy to access BBC iPlayer outside the United Kingdom. BBC Proxy Workaround. Firing up BBC iPlayer outside the UK you’ll pretty soon try and watch something and be greeted with the following message.